Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, the man who helped uncover the swine flu scam, exposes the latest pandemic as a coup from above, controlled by the vaccine mafia and the techno-elite. His book, a #1 bestseller in Germany,  is an indispensable guide – to true solidarity, real democracy and a health care system that serves people, not sick capital interests.

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Fear endangers health. Knowledge strengthens the defenses – against viruses, dangerous propaganda, and lies. Pharmaceutical companies and virologists have already tried to mislead millions of people with false pandemic alarms for the swine and bird flu. The medical doctor and former member of the german Bundestag, Wolfgang Wodarg, substantially thwarted these plans at the time and is taking an unequivocal position today: “We are currently experiencing an immense crime against humanity. Obviously, those profiting are not driven by concern for the environment and our health, nor by emancipation or protection against global warming. Their driving force is, as it was long before, their sick greed for wealth, monopolies and power."

As a pulmonologist, physician, and public health expert, Dr. Wodarg appeals to his colleagues in medicine:

“We are witnesses, perpetrators, and victims of the greatest crime in the history of medicine. My appeal to the medical profession: Do NOT let yourselves be blinded and misled any longer! Be courageous, and say No!”

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Dr. Wodarg’s german homepage with some sections available in English


Wolfgang Wodarg in NARRATIVE, in conversation with James Patrick

July 2021 The documentary filmmaker and investigator from the United States, James Patrick, meets the German physicist and politician Wolfgang Wodarg, who states that the coronavirus is not the real problem. He looks at the statistics of the virus in history, economic interests and the influence of patents on the healthcare system. A plea for humanity.


Why is our research in trouble? Wolfgang Wodarg | COMMENTARY #51

Wolfgang Wodarg explains here the conflicts of interest in science. He illustrates the consequences of not publishing undesirable studies, particularly in the case of drug testing.


Corruption - a pandemic emergency of international concern

An article by Wolfgang Wodarg published at The Solari Report in March 2023.


Hero of the week - Solari report

"This week, we are finally honoring Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg as one of our great heroes during the ongoing p(l)andemic that has descended upon the world. His status—in terms of leadership, scientific and factual clarity, and commitment to the heroic fight to end tyrannical health policies and fearmongering—is more historic than that of many of the leading figures in the current truth movement. In fact, Dr. Wodarg is a seasoned unmasker of government, pharmaceutical, multinational, and WHO collusion, having already played that role during the so-called swine flu “pandemic” that was rolled out to scare and bamboozle the public over 10 years ago."


Dr. Wodarg’s presentation at the 5th Interdisciplinary Symposium by Doctors for Covid Ethics


Daily Mail article of 2010 

Dr. Wodarg calls out the false pandemic and the swine flu swindle


Hobby musician and singer Wolfgang Wodarg covering Bob Dylan’s “Masters of War”



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