The false pandemics

The documentary filmmaker and investigator from the United States, James Patrick, meets the German physicist and politician Wolfgang Wodarg, who states that the coronavirus is not the real problem. He looks at the statistics of the virus in history, economic interests and the influence of patents on the healthcare system. A plea for humanity.


 Wolfgang Wodarg MD is a doctor who was a public health official, a member of the German parliament, and later in the Council of Europe. He fought against the 2009 Swine Flu Fake and is an honorable and honest man we should all listen to. He again was the first in Germany who spoke openly about the Corona-alarm as another False Pandemic. In this historical videos he was interviewed during the Lockdownn by phone and speeks in an old Olive-oil factory and an in  outdoor setting The second half of this eye-opening interview with Wolfgang Wodarg is one of the best in the series.